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The Story Of Biltong Buddy’s

After immigrating from South Africa a number of years ago, we started missing the tastes of South Africa.

We supported local butchers in the uk where we found that the  flavours for biltong was not quite right, the biltong was either wrongly spiced or to sinewy. We also found a few butchers that made boerewors with all the leftover meat. This led to a quest to try and make our own biltong, droewors and boerewors

After searching for the “right way” to make it, We finally cracked it!

We tested recipes, built our own biltong boxes, made boerewors and droewors.

Soon my children were asking me to show them how I do it, This led to a new wave of teaching my youngsters, how to make the essentials. I believe it is important to teach them about our heritage. Now as a family we make enough biltong, droewors and boerewors to last us a few months. Its a lovely day seeing everyone getting involved and enjoying the process. The children love peeking in the biltong box seeing to see if its ready yet.

When hosting braais and social gathering’s serving South African treat’s, people would ask questions like:

  • How did you make this biltong?
  • What spices did you use.
  • How long do you dry it for
  • How did you get your boerewors to taste just right?
  • Who made this droewors?

We showed them the biltong box and explained the process, so we decided to create this website, to share our knowledge with anybody who would like to make their own. We will be covering a lot of content in the future centered around South African food, we hope you enjoy our website and continue to visit it over the coming months.



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